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Refer a friend and get $1,000 cash

Refer a friend to Brickfloor and you will get $1,000 in cash when they sell their home.

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How it works

Know a friend who is selling their home now or in the near future? Brickfloor provides a competitive offer to home sellers before they even list, giving them certainty and the confidence to move forward with their plans.

Requirements for the referral:
  • We currently service homes within 50 km of Melbourne and Sydney CBD’s
  • In the range of $350,000 to $2,500,000
  • Excluding apartments in complexes of more than 8.

If your referred friend becomes a Brickfloor customer, we’ll pay you a $1,000 referral fee when they sell their home.


This seems too good to be true – what’s the catch?2020-11-23T17:46:29+11:00

We hear this a lot from people unfamiliar with our business model: “How can you give me a competitive offer on my home and still make enough money to operate? There must be a catch.”

We hope you can see from our customer testimonials and our public recognition (eg Nine News and being nominated as a finalist for Emerging FinTech of the Year by FinTech Australia) that there is no catch.

We offer home sellers market prices and we make revenue through the fee we charge (similar to how agents make their revenue) together with rental yield and future capital growth from the homes we acquire. We generally hold on to the homes we acquire for a number of years.

What happens after I refer a friend?2020-11-23T17:47:50+11:00

1. When you sign up, you will receive a unique link to share with your friend.

2. When your friend clicks on your link, they will be directed to the Brickfloor website, where they can submit their details. Our system will tell us it has been a referral from you.

3. It typically takes a few months to reach the stage of exchanging on a home sale. If your friend reaches this stage, we’ll let you know and will send you your referral fee via a bank transfer.

Which cities does Brickfloor operate in?2020-10-01T15:31:30+10:00

We currently provide our Brickfloor Cover for homes in Sydney and Melbourne.

We are currently servicing homes in the range of $350,000 – $2,500,000 and are not servicing apartments in multi-level developments with more than 8 apartments. We will consider substantial apartments in boutique/period built developments. Brickfloor reserves the right to review each property individually on a case-by-case basis to determine suitability.


Who is behind Brickfloor?2020-11-23T18:47:04+11:00

We are a passionate team of local Australian investors and property experts excited about creating a new product for Aussie home owners that eliminates home sale uncertainty and stress.

We are supported by a highly experienced Melbourne-based team and an advisory board including Matthew Quinn (the former CEO of Stockland Group) and Saul Eslake (former Chief Economist of ANZ Bank).

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