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How It Works

You tell us about your home

We use this information, data on suburb trends, comparable sales in your area and our proprietary models to work out a market price for your home.

We’ll provide you with an independent assessment of your property’s value, detailing a range of likely market values, where potential emotional or dream prices could land, and where likely low ball offers will come in, so you’ll know where you stand.

We send you your
Market Price Guarantee

Within three business days, you’ll receive your MPG: our offer to purchase your property. It’s cost and obligation free to get an offer and it’s open for one week. If you wish to accept our offer, you sign our customer agreement.

Our MPG sets the start of your listing range, becomes your real reserve and the offer your agent can leverage in negotiations with third parties to drive bids up. It’s a market offer in your back pocket giving you complete peace of mind, and a much better chance of achieving your dream price.

We visit your home

Once you accept our offer, we’ll visit your home to make sure we’ve got the details right and to check for pests and structural issues.

In the very unlikely event that we need to make any changes, you’ll have another 7 days to accept.

You run a sale campaign

Our offer is valid for 12 weeks so if you don’t have an agent already, now’s the time to appoint one. We can help you find the best agent and negotiate the best deal for you – ensuring a commission structure that incentivises your agent and works to your advantage.

Your agent will then run a sale campaign for a maximum of 10 weeks. With your MPG locked in, your agent can use our offer as leverage to try to get you the dream price – the only way is up.

You sell to the highest bidder

If your agent finds an offer above our MPG, you sell to that higher bidder and keep all the upside. If our MPG amount is the highest, we’ll buy your home for that amount and you can choose a settlement date that suits you – anywhere from two weeks to six months.

If we are the buyer, we can also rent back to you at a market rate until you’re ready to move. Whichever way, you’ll have a known sale outcome the minute you list giving you total peace of mind, a committed offer for your agent to leverage and a much better chance of achieving your dream price.

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