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How it works2019-10-21T09:52:12+11:00

Sell your home with confidence

Skip the uncertainty – get a committed Brickfloor offer in your pocket.

How It Works

You tell us about your home

We use this information, data on suburb trends, comparable sales in your area and our proprietary models to work out a competitive price for your home.

We send you your
Home Price Guarantee

Within three business days, you’ll receive a Home Price Guarantee: our offer to purchase your property. It’s free to get an offer and it’s open for one week.

We visit your home

Once you accept our offer, we’ll visit your home to make sure we’ve got the details right and to check for pests and structural issues.

If we need to make any changes, you’ll have another 7 days to accept.

You run a sale campaign

Our offer is valid for 12 weeks so if you don’t have an agent already, now’s the time to appoint one.

Your agent will run an 8 week sale campaign for you and make sure you’re getting the best possible price for your home.

You sell to the highest bidder

If your agent finds an equivalent or higher offer, you’ll sell to that higher bidder and keep all the upside.

If our Home Price Guarantee is your highest bid, we’ll buy your home and you can choose a settlement date that suits you – anywhere from two weeks to six months.

Our fee is paid at settlement

Brickfloor’s fee is calculated against your Home Price Guarantee amount and so any price upside flows straight through to you.

You only pay our fee once you receive your sale proceeds. There are no upfront costs or hidden fees.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Home Price Guarantee binding on me and Brickfloor?2019-09-05T10:31:07+11:00

Yes, it is. If you accept our offer, you have the right to sell your home to us and we have an obligation to purchase your home from you for the amount specified in the Home Price Guarantee. You can choose not to sell your home to us, but generally, our fee would still apply.

The sale is subject to certain conditions (see Are there any conditions attached to the Home Price Guarantee?).

If you have any questions about the terms of our offer once you receive it, we offer an 15-minute consultation with an independent solicitor free of charge.

Are there any conditions attached to the Home Price Guarantee?2019-09-05T10:31:18+11:00

Yes, there are. They are clearly outlined in the Customer Agreement we send you with our Home Price Guarantee. These include conditions related to communication with your agent, your marketing campaign and timeframes. Our team can talk you through these in the first instance. 

If you have any questions about the terms of our offer once you receive it, we offer an 15-minute consultation with an independent solicitor free of charge.

Is there any cost to request a Home Price Guarantee from Brickfloor?2019-09-06T00:23:27+11:00

No, requesting a Home Price Guarantee is free and without obligation.

How long does the Home Price Guarantee last?2019-09-05T10:31:47+11:00

Our Home Price Guarantee is firm for 12 weeks from the date of your acceptance.

Can I still sell with Brickfloor if my property is tenanted?2019-09-09T14:11:48+11:00

Investment properties are eligible for a Home Price Guarantee when there is less than 12 weeks to run on your tenant’s lease. If your lease has longer to run, let us know and we’ll give you an uncommitted price guide that you can use in your portfolio planning.

“Brickfloor’s professionalism was superb. Their offer was very fair and I was more than happy to accept it. The peace of mind preceding an auction knowing that I’d been guaranteed a certain price was a revelation.”

Julian, Home seller from Murrumbeena

“Brickfloor was a game changer. They removed the sale stress and we were able to safely plan our next purchase. Brickfloor provided sale certainty and their model allowed us to find upside. Brickfloor empowers sellers like us.”

Michael, Home seller from Glen Iris

“Brickfloor’s Home Price Guarantee is a great way for home sellers to get their first offer on the table and having that offer in hand gives me extra leverage when I negotiate with potential buyers. It’s a fantastic product for home sellers.”

Ben Dax, Sales Director at Woodards

“Brickfloor have been terrific to work with. Their Home Price Guarantee took all the stress out of our sale process. No matter what happens, I know that I will have a good outcome that will help us into our next home.”

Bernard, Home seller from Melbourne