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Frequently asked questions

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Why is Brickfloor buying homes?2019-09-05T10:32:45+10:00

We’re building a residential property fund and are looking to buy and hold a portfolio of great Australian homes.

Why do you want to visit my home?2019-09-05T10:30:49+10:00

An on-site assessment is the simplest way for us to confirm the features and attributes of your property, as well as check for pests and structural issues.

What if I change my mind about selling my home?2020-06-15T12:28:06+10:00

If you change your mind after signing our customer agreement and paying our establishment fee, you will only lose your establishment fee – there will be no further cost.

What happens after I refer a friend?2020-09-25T12:50:46+10:00

1. When you sign up, you will receive an email with a unique link to share with your friend.

2. When your friend clicks on your link, they will be directed to the Brickfloor website, where they can submit their details. Our system will tell us it has been a referral from you.

3. It typically takes a few months to reach the stage of exchanging on a home sale. If your friend reaches this stage, we’ll let you know and will send you your referral fee via a bank transfer.

Who is behind Brickfloor?2020-10-01T15:30:55+10:00

We are a passionate team of local Australian investors and property experts excited about creating a new product for Aussie home owners that eliminates home sale uncertainty and stress.

We are supported by a highly experienced Melbourne-based team and an advisory board including Matthew Quinn (the former CEO of Stockland Group) and Saul Eslake (former Chief Economist of ANZ Bank).

Which cities does Brickfloor operate in?2020-10-01T15:31:30+10:00

We currently provide our Brickfloor Cover for homes in Sydney and Melbourne.

We are currently servicing homes in the range of $350,000 – $2,500,000 and are not servicing apartments in multi-level developments with more than 8 apartments. We will consider substantial apartments in boutique/period built developments. Brickfloor reserves the right to review each property individually on a case-by-case basis to determine suitability.


Why do you want to assess my home?2020-06-15T12:24:13+10:00

We want to verify the details of your home, check for any structural or pest issues, and confirm we have given you an appropriate Brickfloor Cover amount.

When do I receive my sale proceeds?2020-06-15T13:30:36+10:00

If Brickfloor acquires your home, you choose when that is. You can get your money in as little as two weeks if that’s what you want.
If a third party acquires your home, you receive your money when you settle with them.

How long does the assessment take?2020-06-15T12:21:45+10:00

We can generally complete our assessment within 90 minutes.

What happens to my mortgage?2020-06-15T13:28:16+10:00

You will typically need to arrange the discharge of all mortgages and other encumbrances over your home on the settlement date.

When do I found out the results of the assessment?2020-06-15T12:20:17+10:00

We aim to let you know the results within 2 business days of our visit. We will either confirm our Brickfloor Cover amount or contact you to discuss changes. If we need to alter your offer, you have another 7 days to choose whether to accept.

Can I tie in my settlement date with the settlement on my next property purchase?2020-06-15T13:25:23+10:00

If we purchase your home from you, you choose the settlement date. We can settle with you on the same day you settle on your new property if that’s what you want.

If you sell your home to a third party, you will need to agree a settlement date with them.

Can I sell directly to Brickfloor without going to market?2020-06-15T12:16:40+10:00

No, you can’t. One of the requirements of our Brickfloor Cover is that you appoint a real estate agent and run a normal auction or private sale process. This is so you get the best possible price for your home.

Can I potentially stay in my home and rent it after it has been sold?2020-06-15T12:34:21+10:00

If we purchase your home from you, the answer is generally ‘yes’. We typically rent out the homes we acquire, in which case we would be very happy to have you as our tenant.

If you sell your home to a third party, you will need to discuss this possibility with them.

How much do I receive if the highest offer for my home is less than the Brickfloor Cover amount?2020-06-15T12:14:42+10:00

You receive our Brickfloor Cover amount payable by Brickfloor, less our 2% fee. You also need to take into account any real estate agent fees, and any other marketing, sales and conveyancing costs, incurred during your sale process. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to avoid your agent fee where Brickfloor buys your home as your agent has not been able to sell your home for an amount above your Brickfloor Cover, which is essentially your reserve.

How much do I receive if my home sells for more than the Brickfloor Cover amount?2020-06-15T12:07:31+10:00

You receive an amount equal to the highest bid (less our establishment fee, your agent’s fee, and any other marketing, sales and conveyancing costs), payable by the third-party purchaser. You do not pay our 2% fee if your home sells to a third party.

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“Brickfloor’s professionalism was superb. Their offer was very fair and I was more than happy to accept it. The peace of mind preceding an auction knowing that I’d been guaranteed a certain price was a revelation.”
Julian, Home seller from Murrumbeena
“Brickfloor was a game changer. They removed the sale stress and we were able to safely plan our next purchase. Brickfloor provided sale certainty and their model allowed us to find upside. Brickfloor empowers sellers like us.”
Michael, Home seller from Glen Iris
“Brickfloor’s Cover is a great way for home sellers to get their first offer on the table and having that offer in hand gives me extra leverage when I negotiate with potential buyers. It’s a fantastic product for home sellers.”
Ben Dax, Sales Director at Woodards
“Brickfloor have been terrific to work with. Their offer took all the stress out of our sale process. No matter what happens, I know that I will have a good outcome that will help us into our next home.”
Bernard, Home seller from Melbourne