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Is there any cost or obligation if I request an offer?2020-12-20T11:11:36+11:00

No, it is completely cost and obligation free to get an offer from us. You can use our offer as a valuation data point or lock it in for leverage to extract higher offers and market price certainty.

Are Brickfloor’s offers below market or “low ball”?2021-01-06T12:46:45+11:00

Absolutely not. We’re proud to say that we’ve bought over two-thirds of our customers’ homes meaning that we were ultimately the highest price in market 66% of the times – highlighting the fairness of our offer prices. Moreover, where we were not the highest price, our offer was used as leverage to drive up bids by 8% on average (based on actual known Brickfloor customer experiences).

Can I use Brickfloor if I’ve already listed my home?2020-12-08T16:14:21+11:00

Yes, you can.

We will need to understand where you are at in sale process as it may have a bearing on your Market Price Guarantee.

Is the Market Price Guarantee binding on me and Brickfloor?2021-01-07T12:25:06+11:00

Yes, it is. If you accept our offer, you have the right to sell your home to us and we have an obligation to purchase your home from you for the Market Price Guarantee amount. 

The sale is subject to certain conditions (see Are there any conditions attached to the Brickfloor Cover?).

If you have any questions about the terms of our offer once you receive it, we offer an 15-minute consultation with an independent solicitor free of charge.

Can I negotiate the Market Price Guarantee amount?2020-12-08T16:03:53+11:00

We don’t negotiate on our Market Price Guarantee but we may sometimes refresh our offer if you think we’ve based it on incorrect information.

If you think we’ve made a mistake, please let us know. We’d be happy to learn more about your home and reassess.

Is a Market Price Guarantee the same as a valuation?2020-12-08T16:02:58+11:00

Our Market Price Guarantee is a real offer, not a valuation. We take great care in using the information you provide, data on suburb trends, comparable sales in your area and our proprietary models to determine a market offer amount.

Are there any conditions attached to the Market Price Guarantee offer?2020-12-08T16:11:44+11:00

Yes, there are. They are clearly outlined in the Customer Agreement we send you with our Market Price Guarantee offer. These include conditions related to communication with your agent, your marketing campaign and timeframes. Our team can talk you through these in the first instance. 

If you have any questions about the terms of our offer once you receive it, we offer an 15-minute consultation with an independent solicitor free of charge.

How much do you charge?2021-01-07T12:40:39+11:00

Requesting a Market Price Guarantee is free and without obligation. It’s only when you accept our offer and put your guarantee in place that you agree to pay our fee.

If you wish to lock in our Market Price Guarantee, our fee is a small percentage of the  Market Price Guarantee amount, payable at settlement, whether Brickfloor or a third party buys your home. The fee won’t change if your home sells for more and you don’t need to pay until after you’ve sold and received the proceeds.

We typically find that our Market Price Guarantee delivers a benefit to the seller much greater than our fee – potentially as high as 10% or more – meaning our fee pays for itself. Please ask us how.

We’re so confident that our fee is great value for money that if you decide not to sell, we’ll waive our fee and only charge you $1,000 for our commitment.

When do I need to pay Brickfloor’s fee?2021-01-06T12:39:25+11:00

Our fee is payable out of the sale proceeds for your home once you settle.

There are no upfront costs for our Market Price Guarantee and you are not committed to pay our fee unless you accept our offer.

Do I need to pay my agent’s commission as well as Brickfloor’s fee?2021-01-06T12:39:35+11:00

If your agent finds a higher price than Brickfloor’s Market Price Guarantee then you will typically need to pay their commission as well as Brickfloor’s fee.

When appointing your agent, you can negotiate with your agent that their commission will be reduced or eliminated if Brickfloor buys your home – as you will have solicited this offer yourself.

This agent outcome is similar to the situation where your reserve price is not met – in which case your agent would not receive their commission.

Why do you want to visit my home? How long does the assessment take?2020-12-20T11:09:09+11:00

We visit your home to conduct an on-site assessment of your home – this allows us to confirm the features and attributes of your property, and to check for any pests and structural issues. We can generally complete our assessment within 90 minutes.

When do I find out the results of the assessment?2020-12-08T16:42:48+11:00

We aim to let you know the results within 2 business days of our visit. We will either confirm our Market Price Guarantee amount or contact you to discuss changes. If we need to alter your offer, you have another 7 days to choose whether to accept.

How much do I receive if the highest offer for my home is less than the Market Price Guarantee amount?2020-12-20T11:10:47+11:00

You receive our Market Price Guarantee amount payable by Brickfloor, less our fee. You also need to take into account any real estate agent fees, and any other marketing, sales and conveyancing costs, incurred during your sale process. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to avoid your agent fee where Brickfloor buys your home as your agent has not been able to sell your home for an amount above your Market Price Guarantee amount, which is essentially your reserve.

How much do I receive if my home sells for more than the Market Price Guarantee amount?2020-12-08T16:45:20+11:00

You receive an amount equal to the highest bid (less our fee, your agent’s fee, and any other marketing, sales and conveyancing costs), payable by the third-party purchaser.

What if I change my mind about selling my home?2021-01-06T12:51:44+11:00

If you change your mind after signing our customer agreement and you don’t sell your home to us or a third party, we’ll waive our fee and only charge you $1,000 for our commitment.

When do I receive my sale proceeds?2020-06-15T13:30:36+10:00

If Brickfloor acquires your home, you choose when that is. You can get your money in as little as two weeks if that’s what you want.
If a third party acquires your home, you receive your money when you settle with them.

What happens to my mortgage?2020-06-15T13:28:16+10:00

You will typically need to arrange the discharge of all mortgages and other encumbrances over your home on the settlement date.

Can I tie in my settlement date with the settlement on my next property purchase?2020-06-15T13:25:23+10:00

If we purchase your home from you, you choose the settlement date. We can settle with you on the same day you settle on your new property if that’s what you want.

If you sell your home to a third party, you will need to agree a settlement date with them.

Can I potentially stay in my home and rent it after it has been sold?2020-06-15T12:34:21+10:00

If we purchase your home from you, the answer is generally ‘yes’. We typically rent out the homes we acquire, in which case we would be very happy to have you as our tenant.

If you sell your home to a third party, you will need to discuss this possibility with them.

What happens after I refer a friend?2021-01-06T12:49:37+11:00

1. When you sign up via our Referrals page, you will receive a unique link to share with your friend.

2. When your friend clicks on your link, they will be directed to the Brickfloor website, where they can submit their details. Our system will tell us it has been a referral from you.

3. It typically takes a few months to reach the stage of exchanging on a home sale. If your friend reaches this stage, we’ll let you know and will send you your referral fee via a bank transfer.

Who is behind Brickfloor?2020-11-23T18:47:04+11:00

We are a passionate team of local Australian investors and property experts excited about creating a new product for Aussie home owners that eliminates home sale uncertainty and stress.

We are supported by a highly experienced Melbourne-based team and an advisory board including Matthew Quinn (the former CEO of Stockland Group) and Saul Eslake (former Chief Economist of ANZ Bank).

This seems too good to be true – what’s the catch?2021-01-21T17:59:30+11:00

We hear this a lot from people unfamiliar with our business model: “How can you give me a market offer on my home and still make enough money to operate? There must be a catch.”

We hope you can see from our customer testimonials and our public recognition (such as Nine News and being nominated as a finalist for Emerging FinTech of the Year by FinTech Australia) that there is no catch.

We offer home sellers market prices and we make revenue through the fee we charge (similar to how agents make their revenue) together with rental yield and future capital growth from the homes we acquire. We generally hold on to the homes we acquire for a number of years.

Why is Brickfloor buying homes? What kind of homes does Brickfloor buy?2021-01-06T12:33:08+11:00

We’re building a residential property fund and are looking to buy and hold a portfolio of great Australian homes.

At the moment we are buying houses, townhouses, units and apartments (excluding multi-level developments with more than 8 apartments) within 50kms of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane CBD’s in the range of $350,000 to $2,500,000.

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