Ever wondered if it’s possible to ensure that your home sells for the best price? There are lots of useful tips to help you improve the likelihood of sale and a fair price, but none are guaranteed to get you what you want.

Enter Brickfloor. Brickfloor’s Market Price Guarantee was designed to provide a solution to this problem.

And the problem is a real one — sellers want and in some cases need as much sale certainty as possible. They may need certainty where they have committed to a purchase elsewhere, or where they need to sell for other reasons (eg. loan repayment, separation, deceased estate). They may want certainty where they are concerned about spending money on marketing with the risk that their sale may fall through. They may also want certainty for simple peace of mind, or where they have found the ideal home, but can’t put an offer on it until they know their current home is certain to sell.

Brickfloor’s Market Price Guarantee works like this. Brickfloor makes a commitment, early on in the process, to buy your home for a fair price. You still work with your preferred agent to market and sell your property in the normal way. If you get an equivalent or higher offer from someone else, you sell to them. If Brickfloor’s Market Price Guarantee is the highest offer at the end of the private treaty or auction sale process, Brickfloor buys your home for the agreed amount. For their guarantee, Brickfloor charges a 2% fixed fee payable from your settlement proceeds.

Unlike a typical offer you may receive your home, Brickfloor’s offer is firm for 12 weeks, which allows sufficient time to test the market to extract the highest possible price — Brickfloor’s guarantee provides sale price certainty and all sale proceeds upside.

It’s now possible when selling your home to have total sale certainty and to have your cake and eat it too.