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Matthew & Abbey, Bentleigh East, Vic

Matthew and Abbey were looking to upsize at some point in the future, but once they saw their potential dream home, they didn't want to lose out on the opportunity to buy it.

Matthew and Abbey, a recently engaged couple and current home owner, were walking their dog in Bentleigh East when they walked past a “for sale” signboard of a modern 3 bedroom townhouse. They were looking to upsize at some point in the future, but the sight of their potential dream home, ignited their thinking.

Matt and Abbey needed certainty to buy first

They approached their trusted broker to determine what they could afford to spend on their next home. Their broker considered various sale price scenarios for their current home and helped Matt and Abbey obtain home loan pre approval.

To move forward with the purchase for the new townhouse, Matt needed certainty that his current home would sell for a market price. He did not want to move forward on his purchase when there was risk that his home would sell for less than expected, take time to sell or potentially not sell at all. However, selling first would mean they would miss out on the townhouse, as it was going to market in 4 weeks’ time. Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to secure his dream home, Matt approached Brickfloor. Within 3 days, Brickfloor offered Matt a guaranteed sale at a market price, allowing Matt and Abbey to define their buying power with total certainty.

Matt and Abbey had a buying competitive advantage

Armed with a certain sale price for his current home, Matt and Abbey were able to confidently move forward on their new home before they had sold, submitting an offer that was ultimately accepted before the new home even went to market, avoiding potential competition from other buyers. This buying power confidence gave Matt and Abbey a clear competitive advantage against other buyers who needed to sell before buying.

The Brickfloor product enabled Matt and Abbey to safely buy before they had sold, to buy sooner, to secure their desired home, and to avoid competition, helping Matt and Abbey realise their buying dreams. Their current home eventually sold for slightly above the Brickfloor guaranteed price, allowing Matt and Abbey to find some price upside – some extra cash to offset against their home loan.

“Brickfloor allowed us to buy first safely”

Matt and Abbey commented: “Brickfloor allowed us to clearly define our actual buying power. Between the guaranteed offer and our broker’s assistance with loan amounts, we were able to put the numbers together and bid on our next home with full confidence and precision. It takes a long time to find the right home so when it comes along ideally you don’t want to wait to sell your current home. Brickfloor allowed us to buy first safely and gave us the confidence to submit an offer before our desired home was on market, which meant we avoided potential competition from other buyers. We would have not bid on our next home without Brickfloor and with property prices increasing, we saved a significant amount of money through buying 6 to 12 months sooner”.

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