Maximising sale price

Michael & Karen, Glen Iris, Vic

Michael and Karen had decided to downsize. Their 23-year-old son had moved out and their four-bedroom family home in Glen Iris felt too large.

They knew exactly what they were looking for in their next home and the plan was to sell their current home first so they knew exactly how much they had to spend. That was until they fell in love with a townhouse in Brighton and bought it.

While delighted to have found the perfect next home, Michael and Karen now felt pressure to sell their current property within the settlement period and for a fair price.

“A game changer”

An accountant by profession, Michael took a highly methodical approach to their sale process. They appointed their agent from Marshall White and ran a full sales campaign. They explored options to manage risk. They nevertheless felt worried that they may not get the outcome they needed.

They were 10 days away from the auction date when Michael saw a Facebook ad from Brickfloor. After careful review of the product offering, Michael approached Brickfloor and within a few days, he had received and accepted a Market Price Guarantee from Brickfloor, prior to his auction day.

Michael described Brickfloor’s Market Price Guarantee as a ‘game changer’. It gave them absolute certainty that their current home would sell within an acceptable timeframe and for a price they were happy with.

Unfortunately Michael and Karen’s home was passed in at auction. In the weeks that followed, their Marshall White real estate agent, Madeline Kennedy, worked to negotiate with other parties to try to sell the home for an amount higher than Brickfloor’s Market Price Guarantee. Throughout this time, Michael and Karen had the peace of mind of knowing that if they couldn’t achieve a higher offer, Brickfloor would buy their home at the end of the campaign and they could move on with the next chapter of their lives.

Brickfloor allowed us to achieve a $200,000 or 9% higher sale price

During this negotiation period, Madeline used Brickfloor’s Market Price Guarantee as leverage to seek to extract higher offers from interested parties.

Two week post auction, Michael received a $2.2m proposal from an interested purchaser. With a higher offer from Brickfloor in hand, Michael was able to confidently reject this offer, which he would have accepted were it not for Brickfloor’s standing offer. Through staying firm in negotiations and leveraging the Brickfloor offer, Michael and Madeline ultimately secured a $2.4m sale pricea further $200,000 or 9% higher than the $2.2m third party proposal.

Madeline commented “Brickfloor provided immense peace of mind to my client and removed the usual risk and sleepless nights from the sale campaign. It put them in a position to reject lower offers and allowed us to stay firm in the negotiation knowing that we had a higher price offered by Brickfloor.”

Their model allowed us to achieve material sale price upside

Michael and Karen commented: “Buying our new home before selling our current home came with inherent risk. Discovering Brickfloor was a game changer. Brickfloor removed much of the stress as we were able to safely plan our finances and next purchase. Not only did Brickfloor provide certainty around our sell transaction but importantly for us their model allowed us to achieve material sale price upside. Brickfloor have been very supportive throughout the whole process and our engagement with them has been phenomenal. The Brickfloor model – which we love – empowers sellers like us”.

Michael and Karen have subsequently referred a number of home seller friends to Brickfloor.

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