Certainty & peace of mind

Julian, Murrumbeena, VIC

Julian had lived in a resort style, 3 bedroom family home in Murrumbeena for over 25 years and was ready to downsize into something more modern and with less garden.

He decided to put down a deposit on an off the plan townhouse in Carnegie, which was expected to complete in 10 months’ time.

Julian was also speaking with a few agents in Murrumbeena at the time and was initially planning to list his home in several months’ time, seeking to avoid two moves by timing the sale of his current home with the completion date for his new Carnegie townhouse. However, Julian, an astute legal academic, was also wary of the risks of seeking to time sale and purchase dates, particularly given that market conditions may be less accommodating in 8 months’ time.

Having a certain sale date and sale price made perfect sense

Woodards raised the idea of a guaranteed sale via Brickfloor. With a certain purchase date approaching, having a certain sale date and sale price, with the potential for more, made perfect sense. And if Brickfoor ultimately purchased his home, Julian was able to rent back the home from Brickfloor, avoiding two moves.

Julian decided to list with Woodards as “they were the only agent that were offering me total sale certainty and potential for upside”.

A “very fair” offer from Brickfloor

With the recommendation of his agent, Julian, approached Brickfloor with not particularly high hopes of receiving a market offer. “I have had poor experiences with real estate professionals in the past” Julian said. “While I was intrigued by the Brickfloor model, I was not convinced that the offer would be market, but as it was free to get an offer, I felt there was no downside to see what type of offer they would come up with”.

Within 3 business days, Brickfloor provided Julian with a written offer. Julian was extremely surprised to say the least. Describing the product as “a revelation” and the offer as “very fair”, Julian promptly accepted Brickfloor’s offer and listed his home for sale with Woodards a few days later.

Julian’s Murrumbeena home went to auction and unfortunately there were no bidders on auction day and low balls following. As agreed, Brickfloor stepped in and acquired the home 4 weeks’ post auction. Brickfloor then rented the home back to Julian at market rates until he moved into his new home 10 months later.

Brickfloor’s product was “a revelation”

Julian commented: “The professionalism of Brickfloor was superb. The Brickfloor team displayed the utmost respect for me and kept me fully informed of the process at each step. The offer made by Brickfloor was very fair and I was more than happy to accept it. The peace of mind preceding an auction knowing that I’d been guaranteed a certain price was a revelation. I have informed many friends and acquaintances of the Brickfloor model. They love the concept, as do I. It was a terrific experience and I hope many more home sellers get to experience it first hand”.

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