Are you thinking about or in the process of selling your home? When it comes to stressful life events, selling property is up there as one of the most painful. Whether it’s your first time at the rodeo or you’ve “been there done that” before, it’s still going to be an arduous process where anxiety can creep in for any number of reasons.

You may be worried about achieving your target sale price, or biting your fingernails over how long the settlement process may take. Like with anything in life, the best way to take action is by getting prepared first.

Take a deep breath and let’s explore some of the best ways you can reduce stress when selling your home.

1. Do your research

Getting mentally prepared by understanding everything you can about the selling process is of utmost importance. Not only will you feel more relaxed, confident and in control but you will also increase your chances of selling more quickly and perhaps even achieve a greater sale price.

Learn about how your local property market is performing, establish whether it’s a buyer’s or sellers’ market and determine how that might affect you as you move forward. In a seller’s market there is less supply and more demand, giving sellers more power to negotiate better deals. In a buyer’s market, there is more supply and less demand, which gives buyers more power to negotiate better deals.

Finding a list of comparable sales in your area is a good place to start when looking to sell. Your local real estate agent should be able to help you with this. Knowing your local competition and showcasing your property’s best features — like an updated kitchen and bathroom or plenty of outdoor space — will put you ahead of the pack.

2. Choose the right real estate agent

This can be one of the biggest determining factors in how much your property ends up selling for and how quickly. Find an experienced and professional real estate agent who will have up-to-date insight into the local property market and your neighbouring competition.

A good real estate agent will be able to evaluate how much your house will sell for, what buyers are looking for and will put together the right sales campaign for your home. Consider their market proposal and fee structure as this is something you will have to budget for.

To find the right agent, you can use an agent comparison site, drive around your area to see who is doing the most selling, or get a recommendation from someone you trust. Get at least two or three proposals before you make your decision.

3. Prep your home for sale

The grunt work has got to be done! This can be physically and emotionally taxing, as you clean, declutter, depersonalise and ultimately empty out your home that has many memories attached to it. A fresh lick of paint and upping your kerb appeal with trim, tidy gardens and lawns will go a long way in increasing your sellability

Make sure to repair any leaks, cracks or other damages to the property. If you’re considering renovations, enlist the help of experienced and qualified tradies — you don’t want the headache down the track with renos gone wrong!

A good agent can appoint cleaners, painters and handymen for minor repairs for you. Some even provide storage bins delivered to you for free.

4. Style your home

Property styling has the potential to add up to 12.5% more to your sale price. It’s well worth considering if it makes sense in your market. Home staging increases the appeal of your home and buyer interest by creating an emotional connection to your home.

A good property stylist will bring out the best in your home, including transforming negative aspects into positives. They know what the buyer is looking for and they enhance those qualities. They can even make cramped rooms appear larger with the right sized furniture and mirrors.

Another big advantage to property styling is that your home stager can depersonalise and clean your home for you, taking much of the stress out of the process for you.

You can opt for partial staging where they use some of your existing furniture, or full staging where you will hire all the furniture for the duration of the sales campaign. When it comes to property styling, prices range widely depending on the experience of the home stager and the quality of the furnishings. You can pay anything from $1,000 to $12,000 plus. It’s a good idea to get a few quotes from different property stylists in your area.

5. Be ready for open homes and inspections

If you’re still living in your property and have not had your home fully or partially staged, inspections and viewings can be pretty stressful.

First impressions are everything. What buyers see from the first moment they arrive will impact the way they feel about the whole property. Start with your kerb appeal, making sure there are no toys or unnecessary items on display and that your lawns are mowed regularly.

Inside the house, your potential buyer wants to see themselves living in your home. Keep the clutter cleared and personal items stored away. Make sure the rooms feel light and spacious.

6. Keep your options open

If you’re flexible with settlement arrangements and open to negotiations with potential buyers, you have a better chance at a quicker sale. Even if you get an offer that feels like a slap in the face, keep the communication open and negotiate with the buyer. You never know, you might finalise with something mutually beneficial in the end.

Buyers will try to get a bargain, so learn not to take it personally — it’s all par for the course. Fortunately, your agent should help you with stressful negotiations.

7. Ensure your home sale with a Market Price Guarantee

Alternative selling options exist that can relieve the major stressors. Brickfloor’s Market Price Guarantee is a win-win situation that could be perfect for you.

Basically, there’s a commitment in place early in the process to buy your home for a fair price at the end of your sales campaign — if you don’t get an equivalent or higher offer. Think of it as insurance for your home sale! You still get to work with your real estate agent to market your home and the opportunity to find a buyer and a better price. If your property doesn’t sell, you have your Market Price Guarantee to fall back on.

The best part is that you have certainty that your home will sell for a fair price, and you can confidently buy before you sell, knowing that ultimately your property won’t languish on the market. The Market Price Guarantee is designed to suit your schedule and keeps your options open for the best possible outcome.

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